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Through its affiliate NorCom Systems Inc., LTI offers the most advanced and automated method for performing leak testing of hermetically sealed electronic packages. With this equipment, the components can be left in the same process tray in which they were seam sealed and tested for both fine and gross leaks simultaneously. The system can automatically identify the leaking packages with the test results being displayed on the system monitor, printed or networked to a central computer for process control.

In the case of fiber optic devices, the components can be inspected with the fiber optic pigtail attached, eliminating fiber-handling issues. In addition, problems of high temperature exposure, contamination and helium absorption experienced with other leak test methods are overcome. Optical Leak Test technology has been included in MIL-STD 883F.

• Quantitative results measured in cc-atm/second helium
• One-step calibration and setup
• Simultaneously tests for fine and gross links
• Tests variety of hermetically sealed devices, including PC board-mounted and pig-tailed packages
• Provides Statistical Process Control (SPC) for tracking of test results
• MIL STD approved

• Reliable and repeatable test results
• No helium mass spectroscopy or bubble testing
• Increases production throughput
• Improves packaging process control
• Eliminates back-end production bottlenecks
• Minimal training required


For more information on Optical Leak Inspection, visit the NorCom Systems Inc website:
NorCom Systems Inc


1055 West Germantown Pike, Norristown PA