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Laser Technology Inc. offers a unique combination of advanced nondestructive technologies combined with considerable experience and expertise in system integration, robotics, optical systems, fixture and tool design.

LTI-5100 Shearography System featuring built-in laser, image processing computer and remote control console.

Our proprietary digital laser Shearography and Holography cameras used for all LTI products and custom systems have exceptionally high resolution and low noise.


LTI-5100 Shearography System featuring built-in laser, image processing computer and remote control console.

LTI Shearography and Holography systems image and measure test object surface profile changes down to 1 nanometer. Subsurface defects cause local changes in the surface profile when the test part is subjected to a change in applied load. Typically these loads are in the form of heat, cold, pressure, vacuum, vibration or electromagnetic energy. These changes in surface profile reveal subsurface defects such as:

Disbonds, Unbonds, Delamination
Core damage, Core splice disbonds, crushed core
Impact Damage, Heat Damage
Water Ingress

LTI Shearography and holography system image defects over the entire field of view in real time as the applied load changes. Images are in JPEG, TIFF or other formats and are displayed for operator interpretation or evaluated automatically using ADR (Automatic Defect Recognition software). Many LTI systems also include automatic image stitching to create an image file of the entire part for rapid comparison to CAD or CATIA files. Inspection throughputs for our automated Shearography systems are as high as 1,000 sq. ft/hour. Testing is non-contact, non-contaminating.


LTI Shearography Systems provide process control in the manufacturing of large composite structures by allowing fast, non-contact inspection as well as NDT of repairs. Applied to aerospace composites, parts are tested on the tool between ply build up ensuring low scrap and high productivity.

LTI has developed and patented many unique Shearography and Holography stressing methods and data acquisition techniques useful for nondestructive testing of a broad range of materials and structures.


Applications include:

Missile, Rocket and Spacecraft components
Aircraft and Aircraft Engine Engines
Aerospace, Automotive and Marine Composites

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