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Contract Inspection Services

  Contract Inspection Services


Laser Technology Inc. offers the service to contract laser shearography inspection services either on-site or at the LTI Norristown, PA facility. Cost varies depending on Inspection requirements, the amount of inspection time, rental of equipment, report time and travel cost. On-site inspection usually requires a Shearography certified Level III and Level II personnel to perform the inspection.

LTI personnel will perform shearography NDT inspection of the customer supplied Materials. The inspection will determine/verify size of both surface and sub-surface defects (ie. Diameter or Linear Length).

LTI will supply a Complete Laser Shearography system, Including camera, laser, excitation tooling. Customer is to pay shipping cost if sent to LTI.

LTI will mark all areas that are found to have defect indications and save all data to be supplied in a formal report.

Report / Testing Summary will detail the following:

a.   Part drawing number
b.   Number of defects
c.   Type of each defect
d.   Size and location of defect
e.   NDT Test method used and calibration certification

For more information on Contract Inspection Services contact
Christa Ditlow at Phone: 610-631-5043 x10 or email:

1055 West Germantown Pike, Norristown PA