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  Holography Bond Test Systems


Laser Technology, Inc.’s DH-8000 Digital Holography Inspection system has been
designed for the holographic inspection of a wide range of both metallic and composite
bonded structures. The standard DH-8000 is configured for high frequency vibration
stressing although the system is capable of being used with a variety of stressing

Due to varying customer requirements, fixturing, excitation methods, and file saving
options are subject to change for specific applications. This manual describes the basic
operation and maintenance procedures for the DH-8000 as configured for the inspection
of abraidable jet aircraft engine seals (Photo 1).

Photo 1 Laser Technology Inc.'s DH-8000 Holographic Inspection Station. The system is composed of 3 sections, the Inspection Station (table, enclosure, and camera), the Control Console Assembly (front right), and the Excitation Assembly (located under table).

The standard DH-8000 System can be divided into 3 sections; the Holographic
Inspection Station
, the Control Console Assembly, and the Vibration Excitation
. The Inspection Station consists of the systems vibration isolation table and
enclosure, holography camera, and the Piezoelectric Shaker and fixture assembly. The
Excitation Assembly contains the amplifier and matching network used to power the PZT;
while the Control Console consists of the camera control console, computer chassis, and
support electronics.

Composite Display of Abraidable Seal Test Standard after Inspection


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