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  Production Shearography

Production Shearography /
Thermography System for
aircraft composites

Vacuum Shearography Systems

LTI manufactures the LTI-9000 Vacuum Shearography System that includes the 5100 Shear Camera, Gantry, Part Fixture and Vacuum Test Chamber. Test parts are scanned a section at a time and images may be stitched together in one file.

The LTI-9000 Vacuum Test Chamber is manufactured in 8x8, 12x12 ft. cross sections in incremental lengths of 4 feet. Test chambers may be configured to meet your program requirements using modular end door, man-door, and plain sections. Chambers are manufactured complete with blower and control valves, electrical wiring harness, interior lighting and optional closed circuit video. LTI provides complete installation, certification and training.

Camera Gantry allows vertical and horizontal motion through the full volume of the test chamber and operates in manual or automatic modes with Teach/Learn capability. Test part throughput of 200-500 sq. ft. per hour is typical.

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• Metal and Composite Sandwich structures

• Aircraft Composites and Honeycomb flaps, radomes, control surfaces, close-out panels, wing panels

• Composite and Honeycomb Repairs

• Elastomeric coatings on metal and composite substrates

• Composites manufacturing


• Part remains dry, no water immersion
required as with UT

• Very fast inspection, 0.5 seconds/image

• Excellent disbond resolution

• Test right up to the edge of honeycomb
core, bosses and insets.

Disbonds in composite honeycomb helicopter structure.

Large disbonded spar in honeycomb F-16 flap. Arrow points to second chord wise core splice disbond. Line scan shows the Shearography defect waveform.


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