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  Portable Thermal Shearography


Portable Thermal Laser Shearography

The The LTI-6200S is a compact, portable thermal shearography system designed for the nondestructive inspection of aerospace composite repairs, structures and components. The LTI-6200S has a vacuum attach feature to allow operation in any orientation on-aircraft, on panels in the shop or on the bench. The cantilevered design (Patent applied) allows inspection up to edges and corners of flaps, control surfaces, wing panels or cut-outs. The system features automatic operation with easily programmed NDE Procedure Macros, automatic exposure and image storage. The LTI-6200S includes the Inspection Head with built-in digital shearography camera and Transit Case with all electronics and image processing computer built-in.

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LTI-6200 Complete System Package.

Typical LTI-6200 Shearography Images

Tool drop impact
To composite
Disbond in
composite repair
Metal honeycomb
Impact damage to
honeycomb fairing


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