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  Shearography Camera Systems


LTI-5000 Series
Digital Shearography Systems

The LTI-5000 Series Shearography Systems offer a complete line of portable Shearography cameras for nondestructive testing, vibration, deformation analysis and displacement measurement. The modular design of both hardware and software allows tailoring of system capability and cost to meet end user requirements. From the miniature LTI-5400 Shearography camera to the powerful LTI-5100 with up to 10 watts of laser power and full remote control, the 5000 Series offers a full line of cameras and configurations to meet any requirement.

LTI-5000 Portable Shearography
The LTI-5100 All Mode Digital Shearography System.

The LTI-5100HD Installed on a
Model 9200 Gantry Scanner For Spacecraft Component NDT..


LTI-5100 and LTI-5100HD
All Mode, Remote Control,
Digital Shearography
Camera Systems

Our LTI-5100 and 5100HD Digital Shearography Camera Systems are capable of all mode operation with either semi-static stressing methods such as pressure or thermal stressing as well as dynamic stress methods such as Ultrasonic through transmission Shearography at frequencies to 500kHz. Our advanced ShearNDT™ software allows automatic image capture and processing with user constructed macros. Image saving with AutoSave™ allows fast data acquisition. The LTI-5100 Series are designed for use on a table top, tripod or our 9000 Series gantry scanners using all shearography stress techniques.

Our LTI-5100HD features megapixel plus resolution, continuous real-time phase map imaging and many unique and advanced features designed for the ultimate performance in shearography NDT.

>> Download LTI-5100 Product Literature (pdf file)

>> Download LTI-5100HD Product Literature (pdf file)


Portable Vacuum Stress Shearography System

The LTI-5200 Portable Shearography System.

The LTI-5200 is designed for large area inspection of bonded metallic or composite sandwich structures. Inspection rates of 150 sq. ft. per hour and the capability to inspect face sheet, core bond lines (near and far side), core splice joints and composite repairs make this system a powerful tool for a wide variety of composite applications. The patented Inspection Head seals and vacuum locks to even curved surfaces. Further reduction in pressure allows the LTI-5200 to image defects using its sensitive Phase Stepping shear camera.

>> Download LTI-5200 Product Literature (pdf file)

Measured disbond in radome.


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